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The Red Path

The Red Path talks about the things that are red in nature; the element earth; the things we need to live, animals on land; home, family, ancestors and more.

The Orange Path

The Orange Path talks about the things that are orange in nature, the element water, aquatic animals, the laundry, the bathroom,  and more. 

The Yellow Path

The Yellow Path talks about the things that are yellow in nature, the element fire, the sun, the desert and its wildlife, the things we can do, and more.

The Green Path

The Green Path talks about the things that are green in nature, the element air, the heart, love, birds, the preservation of the environment and more.

The Blue Path

The Blue Path talks about the things that are blue in nature, all of the elements, but paying special attention to ocean and sky; also sounds, and more.

The Indigo Path

The Indigo Path talks about the night world, the moon cycle, its influence in nature; nocturnal animals, night dreams and more.

The Purple Path

The Purple Path talks about the things that are purple in nature and it’s the end of the whole Rainbow. It’s the path where all of the previous stories come to an end.

In a nutshell…