The Red Path General Vocabulary

For multiple use


This set of flashcards includes 16 illustrated words related to the topics from the Red Path:

  • 4 animals on land.
  • 4 things we need to live.
  • 4 red foods.
  • 4 on-land transports.

Use them to drill vocabulary by jumping next to the card, hide one an seek it, print double and play memory game or ask different questions to guess the chosen card from another player such as: Are you eating watermelon? (A: Yes, I am./ No, I’m not). Are you traveling by car? (A: Yes, I am./ No, I’m not). Do you need a toy to live or a house to live? (A: I need a house to live).

Suggested Back Side

Print your flashcards preferably on 180 gr cardboard, and on the back, print this back side so that the cards won’t transparent if you get to play games¬†with them.