Free Samples to Try Out

Readings, word lists with bingo games, coloring pages with extra activities and flashcards to learn vocabulary playfully. Each of the activities you’ll find here belong to one of the 7 paths we offer and are related to specific topics in each colored path.  Complement your children’s learning curriculum. Take a look at these samples and print them for free. Also get to know more about the 7 paths by visiting the Rainbow Paths’ Site Tour .

A Red Food and Root Food Dinner


I Need to Knead

The Windmill and the Wheat or How the Wind Brought Bread

All of our readings are written in American English, but you’ll find a UK English copy (if the text requires it) where the spelling has been adapted. Also if you Sign Up, you’ll find an adapted black and white copy to save ink whenever you need to.

Crafty Word Lists for Multiple Use:

Things We Need to Live

A Words

       Green Nature

B Words

Flashcards for Multiple Activities

Coloring Pages with Extra Activities

Author and Illustrator of the texts, flashcards, coloring pages, content planner and website creator: Andreina Raventós M.

Lettering artist for the word lists: Ángela Márquez.