About Us

We develop Language & Arts material in English for parents and teachers with children on the ages of 7 to 12, whether EFL or ESL learners. Unlike any other site offering printables for kids, we have created a colorful rainbow map from where to take material from our 7 paths to deliver language lessons in a variety of ways or to simply have a nice activity to do.

Our material is based on friendly reading comprehensions, colorful word lists, flashcards and coloring pages with extra writing activities that follow different topics along this rainbow. From red to purple not only the colors take place, but also everything around nature with those colors and (but not only) the  elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, all together around the blue planet; also the night world, and the conclusion of the journey. Each and every of these topics are taken in a literal and in a symbolic way to create different activities as well as fiction and no fiction stories. Even though we have framed the ages to which we address, the material is not restricted to these ages (let say a teenager or an adult).  And without a doubt, if you find something useful that can be adapted for a child under the age of 7 according to your instructions, then go ahead.

About Me: Rainbow Paths started its journey in 2014 with me, your host, Andreina Raventós. I have been an English teacher for Spanish speakers for many years and I’ve also taught adults, but I found special interest in teaching kids. In 2013 I engaged in creative activities that made me re-think the way I could teach English to enhance my classes and my

own life. I wanted to teach out of the pace of the grammar books, engaging more play as kid’s classes do, but also talk about a journey. I wanted colors and the 4 elements of creation in a symbolic way to be together in my teaching process. These topics were part of the things I was learning in my spare time, so merging my spare time and my job into one gave me as a result Rainbow Paths. This project also gave me the possibility to explore my most creative facet as a writer and as an illustrator, so the things that you’ll find on this site were written and illustrated by me. But I’m not the only one behind this. There’s another person in my team: Ángela Márquez, my lettering artist, who has dazzled me and my pupils with the beautiful word lists we have both come together with.